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shoot4moon08's Journal

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28th September 2007

4:41pm: I am hating myself and my life today. Blah.

25th September 2007

12:38am: ARGH
Its 12:39am. I am at work. My overnight staff called out and I ended up having to come in. I am working on no sleep but am in a pretty good mood. The problem is that I left my office at 12:22am to do apt. checks. I had my keys in my hand and shut my door behind me. The problem with that is that I had my CAR keys in my had and my office door was locked when I shut it, SO my keys and all of my work is currently LOCKED IN MY OFFICE!!!!! ARGH. Frustrating bc I have a lot of work to do and am not going to be able to get to it tonight. Even my damn cell phone is locked in there. Not that anyone is going to call me during these hours but still. I am a dumbass sometimes. This sucks. Now, what to do, what to do....

25th May 2007

11:32pm: I was given a promotion today at my job. I didn't see this coming at all. It feels so sureal. Beginning July 1st I am going to be an Assistant Director of the TLP. I am not sure how much my job will change bc this is a new position for our agency. They actually created this position for me. This is crazy. I feel like I don't deserve it. I am happy about it though. Wow,...just wow.

A good day overall. I spend the evening with Susan. We had a great time. Saw Shrek 3...it was awesome. It feels good to laugh at youthful adult humor.

A good day, a good day indeed.
Current Mood: excited

30th September 2006

9:51pm: I am tired and obviously not thinking. I figured I would go to the laundry mat tonight so I didn't have to deal with it tomorrow. Good idea?...yes. HOWEVER, I am a fucking idoit. Just before leaving I switched jackets so I could wash the one I was wear. The problem wish that is that my CELL PHONE was in the jacket I took off to wash and I did not realize that....not until that is, there were 8 minutes left on washing machine. Sure enough, there it was. Arrrggggghhhhhh....I need to be smacked realllly hard.
Current Mood: irate

9th September 2006

9:51pm: Good stuff
I am home for my brother's bithday. Hard to believe that my little brother is 23 and beginning his career as a correctional officer! Time certainly does fly by quickly.

Mom and I spent the day trying different cookie receipes. I think the last batch was a hit. The kitchen is filled with pink ribbon cookies (don't get me wrong, I certainly at my fare share of them). We had a good time making them. Due to Wal-Mart being jerks I will not be fundraising there tomorrow. I have lots of fun plans for the weekend of our garage sale though. I am excited about it and can't wait to see how everything turns out.

What was really sweet about tonight is that a family friend and her daughter came to visit. Starla (daughter) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer about a year ago and I am thankful to say that the cancer seems to be gone now. She had to endure some very harsh radiation treratments to get to where she is now. Her mom and her brought me up a $125 donation and thanked me for walking. It was really sweet. Some people just make my heart melt. The walk is SO close - I am so excited and so nervous. I am sure it will be an amazing experiance. I already plan on signing up for the walk again next year. I have to work on this funraising and training stuff a little harder next year though!

Good stuff indeed.
Current Mood: thankful

6th September 2006

3:38pm: I...
...kicked ass in the job interview. Go me.

4th September 2006

3:32am: Almost...
...half way through of the last full overnight. Tuesday morning I have to relieve someone at 4am and then have to work all day. Not looking forward to that day.

I am doing okay so far. Getting some work done, watching a little next on MTV and doing some laundry. I guess that makes it a proactive night thus far.

This week is going to be busy. Actually the next month is going to be busy. My brother's birthday is this Sat. so I am going home on Friday. Sunday I am doing a fundraiser outside of Wal-Mart. One of my co-workers is a licensed massage therapist and is letting me raffle off a free massage. Everyone who donates $10 or over will have a chance to win. I am hoping it will help bring in some money. Then the weekend of the 23rd-24th Jenny and I will be having a yard sale in hopes to help raise some more money. Looks like I will be making a lot of pink ribbon cookies with the cookie cutter I got off from E-bay! I am looking forward to it though.

I need to get more training in. I have not been doing a great job with this. Makes me really nervous...

*yawn* getting tired....I need to wake up!

25th June 2006

11:40am: today is the day...
My boy is graduating from high school today. It has been a long road for him but he has made it! I am going to record the ceremony for him and then do a special part at the end where I record all different staff and people in his life congratulating him and wishing him well once he goes to college. I hope it turns out as nice as I have it in my head.

I also found the perfect card....The outside say'ss "You're graduating from high school - "

"As you take
the next big step just remember,
though arms let you go,
there are hearts
that hold you close...

Wherever you are,
and whatever you do in the world,
someone will be proud of you,
excited for you, thinking of you
every day of your life.


I could not have said it better myself!

18th June 2006

8:33pm: It's the simple things in life.
This is the best weekend I have had since being in Seattle! It feels nice just to go out, so things, have fun and not worry about work and/or other things.

Jenny and I went out Friday night and had a great time at the Albany Pump Station. I had an apple martini that kicked me ass. Yesterday was a nice morning walk on the nature trail, shopping with friends and getting my house/car clean and laundry done. Today Jenny, Susan (+ her dog Patches) and I had a great time at Grafton State Park. We grilled steak, had some awesome potato salad and delicious fruit. I was able to get some color, which was much needed. It was just so relaxing and a good time. I have been smiling all day, which is nice to say. We promised to plan more days like we had today in the near future. I am looking forward to that.

The sun was really strong today and certainly has me exhausted now. Going to bed a little bit early is the perfect ending to te perfect day!
Current Mood: happy

4th June 2006

4:55am: So much for time off...
I was called at 12:30am because my overnight staff was not feeling well. The person who was working the 8p-12p shift said she would stay. The only problem was that I knew she had worked all day at her other job and staying up all night may be too much for her. I told her that I would come in at 4am and work until 8am, she agreed. At 3am she called me for the wake-up call I had asked for. At that time she was wide-awake and had decided that she wanted to finish the shift. I was able to get back to bed for a little bit but was up early and at the gym by 8am.

I was struggling with whether or not I was going to go to the gym that morning but ultimately dragged myself there. It turned out to be a good thing because I ran into an old friend, Harold. I was walking on the treadmill and hear someone say my name. When I looked up it was him! Not the most attractive place to run into each other but really nice to see him. We hugged, even though we were all sweaty, and exchanged numbers. It will be nice to catch up with him.

After the gym my brother came down for the day. We put my air conditioner in and watched a movie. I also did some door-to-dorr fund raising. I was not very successful :( Mike ended up leaving around 6:45pm. I was feeling really tired and was going to take a nap when the pager went off. Yup, my overnight staff calling in again. *Insert scream here* I called everyone I could think off but had no such luck. I was able to sleep for about an hour and alas, here I am. It is 5am and I am still functioning. Not really sure how, but I am functioning.

So, my Sunday will consist of catching up on some much needed and well-deserved sleep. Before I know it I will be back at work again just beginning my week. I guess that’s just the way it goes. The good thing is that I love my job.

My eyes are getting tired. Yuck. I think I am going to go take a little walk around so I can walk myself up a little more.

Current Mood: tired

25th May 2006

1:37am: After having a GREAT time with some amazing
friends in Seattle, WA I am home and back to the grind. I arrived home on Tuesday morning and went back to work at 12pm on Wednesday. AFter working 12p-9pm I went home for 3 hours and had to come back into work at midnight. I now have to work until 8am in the morning and then return back to work for my 12p-8p shift the same day. Talk about tired. Carrie - Can I come back to live with you guys? :)

In other news, I think that I have shin splits. I went to the gym and walked for and hour and a half this morning...er I guess that would be yesterday morning. It felt good to get back to the gym though. My goal is to get myself ready for The Avon Breast Cancer Walk that is taking place in October. It is going to be here before I know it. Not only do I need to focus on training but I also need to spend time doing some fund raising! I am trying to think of some creative ideas in regards to raising money. I am sure I will figure something out...

*yawn* It is going to be a loooonnnggg night!
Current Mood: tired

11th April 2006

10:27pm: "You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you."

Brian Tracy

It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.
Theodore Roosevelt
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